UN Secretary-General Addresses the Climate and Food Crisis in a Joint Session of the Mexican Senate and Chamber of Deputies

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 4 August 2008: In an address to the Joint Session of the

Mexican Senate and Chamber of Deputies, UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon,

noted their pivotal role in bridging the local and global, highlighting the

three inter-related challenges faced by the world today, namely, a climate

crisis, a food crisis, and an emerging development emergency.

He stressed that the impacts of climate change are already

occurring, including in Mexico, and welcomed the country's efforts in

addressing this challenge, in particular in reforming its energy sector. Noting

progress achieved by the agreement on the Bali Roadmap and the expectations

generated by Mexico's ‘Green Fund' proposal, he called for: concrete steps in

Poznan, Poland, in December 2008; a fully financed and operational Adaptation

Fund; and enlightened leadership, based on the principle of common but differentiated

responsibilities. On the food crisis, he noted steps taken by Mexico to address

short and long-terms needs, and outlined measures he has called world leaders

to take, including the successful conclusion of the Doha Round of negotiations.

He stressed that the climate and food crises hinder efforts towards achieving

the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), and commended Mexico for setting ‘MDG

plus' targets. He concluded by underscoring Mexico's contribution to the UN

budget and its active role in the international arena, and called for

furthering its collaboration with the UN and achieving their shared goals. [Address

to the Joint Session]