UN Secretary-General Addresses China’s Central Party School

2 November 2010: In a speech at China's Central Party School in Beijing, China, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed global challenges, including climate change, the threat of global terrorism, and disruptions in transportation, communications and information systems.

Underscoring the importance of multilateralism to solve global challenges, he stressed that they are increasingly interconnected and called for China's leadership. Recognizing that the 2009 climate change conference in Copenhagen did not meet all expectations, he noted that the meeting established "a firm foundation for progress." He added that the upcoming climate change conference in Cancun will have to build on that progress, making progress on financing for adaptation, technology cooperation and deforestation. Ban thanked the Chinese Government for hosting the latest round of talks under the UNFCCC in Tianjin in October 2010, and expressed confidence that with China's engagement, "we can make further progress on important issues." [Ban's Statement]