UN-REDD Releases 2010 Year in Review

22 March 2011: The UN-REDD Programme has released its "2010 Year in Review" report, highlighting progress and achievements of the Programme in its national and global activities on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD) and efforts in building international consensus on REDD.

The document reviews 2010 activities in partner countries in the inception and implementation phases, as well as in countries finalizing their National Programmes. It highlights that 15 new countries were given observer status in 2010. It also outlines achievements from the Programme's global activities, including in measuring and monitoring, governance and stakeholder engagement, and ecosystem-based multiple benefits. The document lists several REDD-related publications released in 2010, and reviews the finances received from donors and allocated to national programmes. [Publication: UN-REDD 2010 Year in Review]