UN-REDD Publishes Study on REDD-Compliant Benefit Sharing System for Viet Nam

1 March  2010: The UN-REDD Programme and the Viet Nam Department of Forestry have produced a study titled "Design of a REDD-Compliant Benefit Distribution System for Viet Nam," which identifies constraints that need to be addressed in order to create such a system and outlines policy recommendations to address them.

The Government of Viet Nam identified the design of a transparent and equitable benefit distribution system as a priority for UN-REDD support for REDD+ readiness. The study finds that Viet Nam is well-placed to develop such a system given its prior experience with similar systems of payments for ecosystem services, but notes that REDD+ cannot be managed the same way as these other systems due to important differences.  The study further highlights the importance of effective implementation of REDD+, which will include developing the necessary capacity and a benefit distribution mechanism that meets the requirements of international investors. The study includes 17 policy decisions regarding legal, institutional and governance issues that need to be taken to establish a REDD+-compliant benefit distribution system. [The Study]