UN-REDD E-discussions Address REDD+ Corruption Risks

Un-reddApril 2013: The UN Collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (UN-REDD) has released a summary of the e-discussions on addressing REDD+ corruption at the local level.

The e-discussion was held from 21 January-24 February 2013, with the objective of identifying local governance responses that address corruption risks associated with REDD+ activities through an increased demand for and expectation of transparency at the local level.

The summary highlights the main messages from the e-discussions, including the realization that corruption issues in the forest sector could be transferred to REDD+. To address this risk, the e-discussions recommend the engagement of local civil society organizations, the adaptation of local governance systems as part of a broad-based approach, and the clarification of land tenure and use rights.

The e-discussions conclude that, although corruption risks often manifest at the local level, they must be integrated into REDD+ multi-level governance systems, including through mainstreaming accountability and transparency within REDD+ project structures. [Publication: Consolidated Summary: E-Discussion on Addressing REDD+ Corruption at the Local Level]