UN-REDD and NORAD Call for Proposals on REDD


5 December 2008: The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) has opened a funding window for civil-society and non-governmental organizations involved in projects for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD). The call is issued under UN-REDD, a collaborative initiative between the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN Development Programme and the UN Environment Programme. Support will be granted for two categories of projects: analysis, strategy and policy development for REDD; and demonstration projects on the ground that contribute to REDD in developing countries.

Projects in the first category should contribute to strengthening the analytical basis for the development of overall strategies for REDD in developing countries by: developing innovative solutions and/or consensus-building activities in order to include REDD in a post-2012 climate regime; developing programme designs for REDD strategies; information activities on REDD significance; and developing systems for monitoring, assessment reporting and verification.

Under the second category, support will be given to projects aimed at generating useful experiences, as well as models for shaping national REDD strategies and actions, such as: developing specific approaches for REDD; influencing and monitoring national REDD activities; and model projects that can be replicated or that demonstrate new practices. The focal areas for funding relate to the monitoring, assessment and verification needs and activities outlined in the REDD Monitoring and Verification Roadmap to UNFCCC COP15 Copenhagen and Beyond, which was  elaborated at a UN-REDD workshop held in Washington DC, US, in September 2008. The deadline for submission of proposals is 5 January 2009. [NORAD Call for Proposals] [UN-REDD Webpage] [REDD Monitoring and Verification Roadmap]