UN Plants Trees in Southern Lebanon

18jan_10_0415 January 2010: The UN blue helmets have initiated a project to reforest parts of southern Lebanon with 2,300 trees, including pine, walnut and olive trees. The tree-planting project aims to raise environmental awareness while providing long-lasting benefits to local residents such as recreation, fruit products, increasing biodiversity of the nearby farming land and indirectly supporting beekeepers in the area.

UN peacekeeping forces have increased their efforts to combat climate change. Blue helmets have already planted nearly 30,000 saplings in 11 peacekeeping missions worldwide since 2009. Greening of the area in southern Lebanon is being spearheaded by the "Green Sh'huur" Committee, comprising citizens of the Sh'huur municipality. The ultimate objective is to plant 10,452 trees, symbolizing the total surface area of Lebanon (10,452 square kilometers). [UN Press Release]