UN Peace Keepers in Western Liberia Join UNEP Billion Tree Campaign

© UN22 July 2009: The Alpha Company of the UN Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), working in the region of Kakata in western Liberia, has joined the UN Environment Programme's (UNEP) worldwide Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign, and plans to plant a total of 1,000 trees by December 2009.

Working under UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign, which aims to plant seven billion trees, or one for every member of the human race, by December 2009, DPKO has already planted some 28,000 trees. It has also pledged to plant 33,000 more in 11 missions, including in Timor Leste, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Sudan, Western Sahara, Haiti, Lebanon and Liberia.[UNEP Press Release]