UN International Youth Day to Focus on Climate Change


2008: This year's theme for the UN International Youth Day (IYD), which is

celebrated on 12 August, will be “Youth

and Climate Change: Time for Action.” IYD aims to provide the

opportunity to recognize the potential of youth, celebrate their achievements,

and bring together all stakeholders to ensure that young people are included in

decision-making at all levels.

The event is organized by the UN Programme on Youth,

which is part of the Social Integration Branch of the Division for Social Policy

and Development of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. This

year's theme reflects the fact that the challenges faced by young people are

complicated by the impacts of climate change, but that they are also increasingly

adding their voices to the call for action to tackle it. IYD 2008 will aim to

engage youth in areas of preparedness, risk reduction, adaptation and

mitigation. [IYD 2008 website]