UN Greening the Blue Releases Report on Sustainable Travel

31 August 2010: Greening the Blue has released a report titled “Sustainable Travel in the United Nations,” which underlines that travel contributes approximately 50% of the UN's climate footprint and represents over US$1 billion per year for the collective UN family.

Recognizing that travel is an essential mechanism for the UN to deliver its mandate, and can often not be avoided, the report seeks to provide guidance on what the UN and organizations can do to improve the sustainabil­ity of their travel, and in particular how to reduce their travel-related climate footprints. The report provides an overall context about existing systems and examples of good practices. Two main approaches to reducing emissions are discussed: "Travel Less" and "Travel More Efficiently." The economic aspects are highlighted, as is the role of management and staff. The report further discusses the role of offsetting, which provides a complementary approach to further reduce or eliminate the climate footprint of travel. [Sustainable Travel Report]