UN Global Compact to Set Up Climate Change Think Tank on US Contaminated Site

© UN11 August 2009: The UN has announced that one of the US' most polluted sites, contaminated by heavy metals and radiation, will be redeveloped as a green technology complex.

When completed in 2012, the complex will house a climate change think tank called the UN Global Compact Sustainability Center, which will work to identify green solutions to global environmental challenges and provide a conference centre and UN offices.

The Hunters Point Shipyard, located on San Francisco Bay, US, was once the US military's largest facility for applied nuclear research. A US$500-million clean-up project is headed by the UN Global Compact group and the US Environmental Protection Agency. The UN Global Compact was launched in 2000 and is supported by six UN agencies, including the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). [UN Press Release][UNEP press release]