UN Global Compact Cities Programme Reports Progress

May 2010: The UN Global Compact has scaled up efforts to advance its Cities Programme, which provides a model for approximately 40 cities around the world to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to long-term challenges based on the ten principles of the Global Compact, in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Recent developments include the release of “Sustainable Cities: Volume 1,” a comprehensive review of efforts to help cities translate the Global Compact principles into day-to-day urban governance and management. It includes case examples of how participating cities are addressing issues such as climate change, slum rehabilitation, water management and corruption. The Volume highlights that one of the key research themes of the Cities Programme is climate change, and addresses assistance to cities to adapt to the anticipated impacts of global warming by exploring new solutions to infrastructure, methods of communication and transport.

The UN Global Compact has also expanded the scope of its Global Compact Cities Programme to offer three levels of engagement: signatory, reporting and innovating. Each level involves a progression in terms of the commitment by the city, as well as the advice and tools provided.

The Global Compact US Network convened a working symposium on 10 May 2010, in Chicago, US, on the topic of "Business and Sustainable Cities." [UN Global Compact Press Release] [Sustainable Cities Volume 1] [UN Global Compact Cities Programme Website]