UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Underlines Climate Change’s Exacerbating Effects on the Food Crisis

John Holmes, USG for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator

1 October 2008: In an editorial column published on 30

September 2008 in the Washington Times, John Holmes, UN Under-Secretary-General

for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, stressed the urgent

need for a Green Revolution in Africa to deal, inter alia, with the challenges

of climate change and the food and oil crises.

Holmes, who recently visited

Ethiopia and saw how the food crisis is affecting the most vulnerable people,

warned that a large part of the developing world could be “pushed to the

margins of survival.” He called for short- and long-term strategies to address

the problem and explained that, beyond food aid, a greater emphasis must be

placed on reducing the impact of climate-induced crises.

He also urged

increased investments in developing countries' agricultural sectors, including

in drought management techniques, crop adaptation and improved access to

credit. [UN

Press Release]