UN Deputy Secretary-General Urges EU to Step up Climate Change Investments

© UN15 April 2009: Addressing the “High-Level Meeting on the UN and the EU: Building an Effective Multilateralism,” which took place on 14 April 2009, in Barcelona, Spain, UN Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro underlined that the economic, food and energy crises, as well as climate change, are exacerbating the problems faced by developing countries.

Stressing that the UN is the “vital locus of action on global issues,” she stated that the EU can be “a bold leader in building coalitions through the UN.” She further urged the EU to step up investments for promoting development and combating climate change. In conclusion, Migiro underscored the need for countries to join forces to address the transboundary challenges of our time, from terrorism to infectious disease to climate change and more. [UN press release]