UN Deputy Secretary-General Addresses Gender Dimensions of Climate Change

UNWTO 31 October 2008: At the Conference for Women Leaders,

co-sponsored by the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality and the UN

World Tourism Organization ST-EP (Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty)

Foundation, held on 31 October 2008, in Seoul, Republic of Korea, UN Deputy Secretary-General

Asha Rose Migiro highlighted the burden of climate change on women and the need

to work towards gender equality, including in decision-making.

Emphasizing the

role played by women in all areas of development, she stated that “gender equality

is essential for development that is truly sustainable.” She highlighted the

wide-ranging impacts of climate change on women, stressing the need to increase

their participation at all decision-making levels. [UN

Press Release] [Migiro's speech]