UN Day 2008 Raises Awareness of Climate Change

UN Day 2008 23 October 2008: UN Day is observed annually worldwide on 24

October to commemorate the founding of the Organization in October 1945. To

celebrate UN Day 2008, the UN agencies in Japan will present a topical seminar

entitled “Climate Change: What We Can Do,” which aims to help the public better

understand the range of activities through which the UN is addressing the

challenge of climate change.

The seminar will take place at UN University

headquarters in Shibuya, and will feature keynote speeches and a panel

discussion. In Poland, the Day will be celebrated on 26 October 2008 during a

picnic organized by UN Information Center and the Polish Ministry of

Environment, around the message “Let Us Protect the Earth Against Climate

Change.” The event is organized within the Partnership for Climate, an

initiative of the Ministry of Environment preceding the UN Climate Change

Conference that will take place in December 2008, in Poznan. [UN University Website on UN Day 2008] [Partnership

for Climate] [Information about the

Picnic and UNIC]