UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis Highlights Role of Green Economy Initiatives

26 June 2009: The UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis took place from 24-26 June 2009, at UN Headquarters in New York, US, and underscored the role of green economy initiatives in tackling the crisis.

In the outcome document adopted at the end of the Conference, the Heads of State and Government and High Representatives underline that the economic crisis is connected to multiple, interrelated global crises and challenges, including increased food insecurity, volatile energy and commodity prices and climate change. They underline that the crisis must not delay the global response to climate change and that national stimulus packages provide an opportunity to promote green economy initiatives. They further encourage the participation of the private sector in green initiatives at the national level and “look forward to a successful outcome of the 15th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC [...] as part of our overall efforts for a green recovery from the crisis.” During the Conference, over 20 agencies of the UN system issued an urgent call for nations to shift to a green economy that can spur job creation and address the food, water and climate crises. [Conference Website][Outcome Document of the Conference][UN Press Release][Statement by UN agencies on the Green Economy]