UN and EU Partnership – Highlights of Development Successes

16 October 2008: The UN team in Brussels has released its

third annual report, which details UN/EU partnership achievements. The report

is based on inputs collected from UN country offices around the world. Emphasis

is placed on the support that the UN and EU provide to national development

strategies and initiatives related to strengthening national capacities.


report details how UN/EU cooperation has positively impacted hundreds of

millions people in the areas of humanitarian assistance, sustainable livelihoods,

democratic inclusive processes and policy formulation. The report places

special emphasis on issues related to human rights, as the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights celebrates its 60th anniversary, and the

achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) vis-à-vis emerging

challenges such as high food and energy prices and climate change. The report

also recalls that the 2007 European Development Days focused on climate change,

and takes stock of such events. [Improving

Lives: Results from the partnership of the United Nations and the European

Commission in 2007]