UN Agencies Hold Workshop to Advance Concept of One UN Training Service Platform on Climate Change

UnitarNovember 2009: A two-day UN inter-agency workshop was held from 29-30 October 2009, in Geneva, Switzerland, to advance the concept of a "One UN Training Service Platform on Climate Change," also referred to as "UN CC:Learn." The workshop was held at the headquarters of the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and was attended by representatives from 17 UN organizations.

 The workshop, inter alia, aimed to foster a common understanding among UN agencies of the three main CC:Learn activity areas, including: knowledge management; development of a one UN training package on climate change; and support of country-based pilot projects on strengthening human resources, learning and skill development on climate change. It also provided a platform for the agencies to share information about their ongoing and planned climate change training and learning initiatives and to explore opportunities to work together as One UN, at both international and country levels. During the workshop, participants discussed the concept of thematic learning packages for specialized climate change topics, and several agencies expressed interest in taking the lead to compile learning packages in their respective areas of expertise, in collaboration with other agencies. In addition, work will be undertaken to develop guidance in support of country-driven initiatives that seek to strengthen climate change-related human resources, and learning and skills development.

The UN CC:Learn initiative is embedded within the One UN Climate Change Action Framework, which is coordinated by the UN Chief Executives Board (CEB). A total of 19 UN agencies have appointed focal points for the initiative. One of its initial deliverables is a searchable Inventory of UN Climate Change Training and Learning Materials, currently under development and scheduled to be available by the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. The inventory will provide access to materials of UN agencies relevant to climate change learning and training. [UNITAR Press Release]