UN Agencies Call on G8 to Increase Investment in Agriculture to Address the Global Food Crisis

UN urges G-8 to boost investment in agriculture to reduce global hunger


July 2008: In a joint statement, the heads of the Food and Agriculture

Organization of the UN (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural

Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP) urged G8 leaders to

“strike a decisive blow in the fight against hunger and poverty” by reversing

the decline in agricultural investment, which has been one of the underlying

causes of the current world food crisis.”


statement argues that catalyzing public and private investment would accelerate

the implementation of the Rome Declaration adopted at the FAO High-Level Conference

on World Food Security in June 2008, which aims to restore sustainable

agriculture as a key force for development. The statement outlines current

initiatives addressing the food crisis, including: FAO's Initiative on Soaring

Food Prices, which seeks to improve the supply response of small farmers and

boost crop production in up to 70 recipient countries; WFP's provision of an additional

US$1.2 billion to meet the needs of the ‘new face of hunger' in 62 of the

world's most vulnerable countries; the World Bank's rapid financing facility

and efforts to boost investment in agriculture from US$4 billion to US$6

billion over the coming year; and IFAD's funding for rural and agricultural

projects worth up to US$1.3 billion this year. The statement reiterates the

Rome Summit's call for a ‘twice-green revolution,' to double food production by

mid-century, while helping local farming systems to adapt to the rapidly

increasing challenges and constraints of climate change and assisting

communities in mitigating its effects. The agency heads also called on the G8

to take a clear lead in moving the Green Revolution forward as a step towards

securing food for all. [FAO/IFAD/WFP

statement] [FAO press release]


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