Uganda Registers First African Forestry Project under CDM

© WB6 October 2009: The first African reforestation project to be registered under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is being undertaken by Uganda's National Forestry Authority, in association with local community organizations.

The Nile Basin Reforestation Project will receive revenues from the World Bank BioCarbon Fund for carbon dioxide absorbed by a growing plantation of pine and mixed native tree species in the Rwoho Central Forest Reserve, grasslands that were degraded due to deforestation and erosion.

The project will generate up to 700 jobs for the local population, and the plantation will help Uganda meet its growing demand for wood resources and reduce pressure on the remaining native forests in the country. “The Uganda project is the first of several projects…which can lead to strong co-benefits, including higher incomes for local communities and greater climate resilience,” commented Ellysar Baroudy, Fund Manager for the Bank's BioCarbon Fund. Eight forestry projects have been registered under the CDM to date. [World Bank Media Release]