Transport Forum Concludes with Declaration on Sustainable Transport

ITF4 May 2012:  The International Transport Forum (ITF) Annual Summit, held from 2-4 May 2012, in Leipzig, Germany, on “Seamless Transport: Making Connections,” concluded with a common declaration signed by Ministers. The declaration emphasizes the need for seamless transport for mobility and sustainable economic growth, as well as the importance of sustainable transport systems for economic prosperity, environmental protection, safety and security of society.

The declaration also notes the need for effective connections between the transport system and renewable and sustainable energy sources. Acting Secretary-General of the ITF, Michael Kloth, welcomed the commitment from member countries to cooperate closer on transport issues, noting how “the transport sector can become a real driver for economic growth.”

The Summit also saw Chile become the first South American country to join the ITF, which now has 54 member states after China joined as the 53rd member in November 2011. The ITF is an intergovernmental transport-policy body within the Organisation for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which aims to shape transport policy on a global level. [ITF Ministers Press Release] [ITF Chilean Membership Press Release] [ITF Ministers' Declaration]