Train from Kyoto to Copenhagen to Raise Awareness

© Train to Copenhagen 200924 September 2009: UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Union of Railways (UIC) and WWF launched a symbolic one-month and nearly 9,000 kilometre-long train journey from Kyoto to Copenhagen to document the impacts of climate change and raise awareness of low-carbon transport solutions.

The project is done in partnership with the Seal the Deal! campaign. It will kick off on 5 November 2009 with the UIC Climate Change and Rail Seminar in Kyoto, Japan. During the train journey through Russia, environmental experts and climate change campaigners will send eye-witness accounts of global warming signs underway, Siberia being a global climate change “hotspot.” On 5 December in Brussels, Belgium, the Climate Express will take on board more than 400 climate change negotiators, campaigners and other high-profile personalities going to Copenhagen to participate in COP 15, for a 12-hour on-track conference focusing on how humanity can solve the challenges posed by the transport sector with regard to global warming. On arrival in Copenhagen, the Climate Express, which will be powered by 100% renewable energy, will remain at Copenhagen Central Station throughout the two-week conference, serving as a mobile exhibition open to the public about low-carbon transport solutions. [UNEP press release] [The Climate Express website]