Third C40 Large Cities Summit Addresses Achievements and Challenges in Fighting Climate Change

© UN2 June 2009: The third Summit of the C40, a group of the world's largest cities committed to tackling climate change, was held in Seoul, South Korea, from 18-21 May 2009. Under the theme “Cities' Achievements and Challenges in the Fight Against Climate Change,” the Summit brought together mayors, company executives and leaders from 40 cities and 17 affiliate municipalities around the world to share their policies and good practices in addressing global warming.

UN-HABITAT Executive Director Anna Tibaijuka noted the connection between the growing importance of climate change and increasing urbanization. She indicated that cities are estimated to produce 75% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, half of it coming from urban transportation. She stressed the potential to contribute to climate change mitigation through the adequate management of urban transport. She praised the commitment of mayors present at the Summit to the climate change cause, and invited them to support UN-HABITAT's activities.

Former US President Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Climate Initiative, stressed the need to cut on carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and noted that the exchange of good practices among C40 members could assist on that.

The C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group was established in 2005 by London's then mayor Ken Livingstone, to take action on climate change. C40 previously met in London in 2005, and in New York in 2007. [UN-HABITAT press release] [C40 Seoul Summit] [C40 goals to UNFCCC]