Technology Executive Committee Launches Call for Inputs on Work Plan

20 June 2012: The Technology Executive Committee (TEC) has launched a call for inputs, inviting interested stakeholders to make submissions on the TEC work plan, with the aim of ensuring stakeholder engagement in the implementation of the plan.

The TEC, at its third meeting, which was held from 28-29 May 2012 in Bonn, Germany, agreed to launch the call for input, in recognition of the benefits of engaging with stakeholders. Interested stakeholders, including UNFCCC accredited observer organizations, are therefore invited to make submissions to the UNFCCC Secretariat on the following areas of the TEC work plan: inventory on technology road maps and action plans; ways to promote enabling environments and address barriers to technology development and transfer; and actions by accredited observer organizations relevant to the Technology Executive Committee in performing its functions.

The call for inputs is open until 31 July 2012, and the inputs received will be considered at the fourth meeting of the TEC, scheduled to hold in September 2012. [UNFCCC Announcement]