Sustainability Standards for Biofuels Endorsed

UN-backed expert group takes steps to establish new biofuel standard 13 August 2008: A UN-backed expert group, the Steering Board on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB), has endorsed a draft sustainability standard that would evaluate the economic, social and environmental effects of biofuels over their entire life-cycle.

“Version Zero,” as the draft standard is called, aims to be the method used by private and public entities to evaluate the sustainability of the production of biofuels. Considerations taken into account by the standard include, among others, the projects': legality, consultative nature, effect on greenhouse gas emissions as compared to fossil fuels; and respect for human rights. The RSB is asking for feedback on the principles through February 2009, after which the standard will be redrafted and published in April 2009. [UN News Centre article] [The draft standards]