STAP Advises GEF Assembly on Environmentally Sustainable Development

GEF STAP24 May 2014: The Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has released a report to the 5th meeting of the GEF Assembly, providing recommendations for advancing environmentally sustainable development under the sixth GEF replenishment (GEF-6). The report, titled ‘Delivering Global Environmental Benefits for Sustainable Development,' also reviews the expansion of the Advisory Panel's roles and responsibilities, and its contributions in GEF-5.

The report highlights three key messages to the Assembly meeting in Cancún, Mexico, which is being held from 28-29 May 2014: environmental degradation must be tackled in a more integrated way; sustainable development should be at the core of GEF interventions; and the GEF should continue to be catalytic and innovative while actively seeking to affect permanent and transformational change.

STAP has also published three technical reports: ‘Assessing the Effects of Terrestrial Protected Areas on Human Well-Being,' ‘Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Practice,' and ‘The Political Economy of Regionalism: The Relevance for International Waters and the Global Environment Facility.' [GEF Press Release] [STAP Website] [Publication: Delivering Global Environmental Benefits for Sustainable Development] [Publication: Assessing the Effects of Terrestrial Protected Areas on Human Well-Being] [Publication: Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Practice] [Publication: The Political Economy of Regionalism] [IISD RS coverage of 5th meeting of the GEF Assembly]