South-South Development Expo Showcases Initiatives on Sustainable Use and Renewable Energy

UNIDO23 November 2012: The 2012 Global South-South Development Expo focused on providing an opportunity for stakeholders in the international development process to share experiences, exchange best practices, build new partnerships, and showcase solutions to energy insecurity and climate change.

The event, held from 19-23 November 2012 in Vienna, Austria, was organized jointly by more than 20 UN agencies and partners, and hosted by the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).  Themed “Investing in Energy and Climate Change: Inclusive Partnerships for Sustainable Development,” it was conceived in response to the UN Secretary-General's Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative. The Expo featured a variety of initiatives being undertaken by developing countries to tackle degraded habitats, promote the sustainable use of natural resources, and support renewable energy, such as an initiative involving solar lights that double as mobile phone chargers.

It included sessions on, among other issues: the links between energy and climate change; industrial development; decent work; biodiversity; forestry and land degradation; food security; and health, youth and women. It also featured a leadership roundtable on “South-South Cooperation: Investing in Sustainable Industrialization, Jobs and Wealth Creation.”

In his message to the Expo, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the need to ensure everyone has access to sustainable modern energy. He further noted that efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and design a post-2015 development agenda require international cooperation for development, particularly South-South and triangular partnerships.

The Expo also featured the presentation of the annual South-South Cooperation Awards to individuals and organizations that have been active in promoting developing countries' cooperation. [Meeting Website] [UN Secretary-General's Opening Statement] [UNIDO Press Release, 19 November 2012] [UNEP Press Release, 19 November 2012] [UNDP Press Release, 23 November 2012]