Secretary-General Urges Better Disaster Risk Reduction to Adapt to Climate Change

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

29 September 2008: Addressing the Ministerial Meeting on

Reducing Disaster risks in a Changing Climate, which took place in New York,

US, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged enhanced efforts to reduce the

fall-out from natural disasters, noting that climate change leads to harsher

weather extremes.

He listed some of the recent disasters that have occurred

around the world in recent weeks, and underlined that community preparedness

and early warning systems increase resilience and thereby can save lives and

avert damage. He stressed the need for scaling up efforts and resources to

implement the Hyogo Framework for Action, a ten-year plan to tackle natural

hazards that was adopted in 2005. In conclusion, Ban called on Ministers to

“lead the way in championing disaster risk reduction as a core element of

climate change adaptation.” [The Statement]