Rio Conventions Pavilion Opens with Focus on Integrated Science, Assessments and Monitoring

9 October 2012: The Rio Conventions Pavilion at the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties  (COP 11) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) commenced on 9 October 2012, for sessions on the theme “Towards Integrated Science, Assessments and Monitoring for the Rio Conventions.” Neil Pratt, CBD Secretariat, opened the Pavilion, underscoring its purpose to “encourage and support the implementation of the Rio Conventions at the national level.”

The event consisted of five panel sessions on: novel science-based approaches to assessing and responding to the biodiversity crisis; how integrated science can support the goals of the Rio Conventions; advancing the practice of vulnerability assessment for ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change; are we developing a growing body of convincing evidence on the effectiveness of ecosystem-based approaches (EBA) to adaptation; and science-policy interface for collaborative management of international waters. [IISD RS Coverage of the Rio Conventions Pavilion]