Responses to Climate Change Bear Major Development Implications: Monterrey Review Process Draft Outcome Document Released

Draft Doha Outcome Document on Reviewing the Implementation of the Monterrey Consensus 30 July 2008: The President of the UN General Assembly issued a draft outcome

document for the Monterrey Consensus Review Conference where countries would

recognize that responses to the climate change problem have “major development

implications” and “commit to respond to the additional financial requirements

that meet these new challenges with appropriate, concrete international

cooperation measures and policies.” The Review Conference, to be held in Doha,

Qatar, from November 29 to 2 December 2008, would also highlight that efforts

to address climate change should “promote increased trade in environmental

goods and not result in environmentally-based trade distortions.”


draft outcome document was based on the input received during the first

semester of 2008 from member States, business, NGOs and civil society on the

thematic areas outlined in the 2002 Monterrey Consensus. It reaffirms the

Consensus' goals and commitments on issues such as mobilizing financial

resources for development and international trade as an engine for development,

and welcomes the targets announced by G8 countries in Hokkaido, Japan, to

increase their official development assistance to US$ 130 billion by 2010. The

draft also presents proposals to improve the coherence and consistency of the

international monetary, financial and trading systems in support of


The section on “New Challenges and Emerging Issues” recognizes

“increased costs from damage to the Earth's environment and climate change” as

key challenges and reaffirms the need for concerted global action to address

them “while consistently furthering economic and human development for all.” In

particular, the draft document proposes that countries agree to address the

financing needs for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in developing

countries in the context of sustainable development and within the structure of


Countries would also commit to respond to the additional financial

requirements and facilitate the transfer of low-carbon technology. Informal

consultations and drafting sessions on the outcome document will be held during

the second semester of 2008, leading to the Doha Review Conference in November.


outcome document]