Report of 52nd Meeting of CDM Executive Board Published

12 February 2010: The Report of the 52nd meeting of the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which took place from 8-12 February 2010, and considered matters relating to the operation of the CDM, is now available.

At the meeting, the Board considered membership issues and elected Clifford Mahlung and Pedro Martins Barata as its Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, until the Board's first meeting in 2011. It also appointed Samuel Adeoye Adejuwon as Chair, and Martin Hession as Vice-Chair, of the CDM Accreditation Panel.

For the CDM Methodologies Panel, the Board appointed Lex de Jonge and Phillip Gwage as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, and also elected Kamel Djemouai and Thomas Bernheim to support them. The Board further appointed José Domingos Miguez and Diana Harutyunyan to continue as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, of the Afforestation and Reforestation Working Group. Finally, the Board appointed Peer Stiansen as Chair, and Hugh Sealy, as the Vice-Chair of the Small Scale Working Group (SSC WG).

Regarding the registration of project activities, the Board considered: a request for review of 82 requests for registration of project activities; the recommendations of the review teams for 36 of the project activities placed “under review” at the last meeting of the Board; and seven project activities for which corrections had been submitted in response to the outcome of a previous review. The Board also considered matters relating to the issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs) and the CDM registry, and agreed to: instruct the CDM registry administrator to issue CERs for one project activity; instruct the CDM registry administrator to issue CERs for 14 project activities, subject to a check by the Secretariat of revised documentation and in consultation with the Chair of the Board; and undertake a review of the request for issuance of CERs for four project activities.

The Board also considered the recommendation of the review team for four project activities that were placed “under review” at its last meeting, and agreed to instruct the CDM registry administrator to issue CERs, subject to satisfactory corrections, for all the project activities. With regard to the CDM Management Plan (CDM-MAP) and resources for the work on the CDM, the Board considered the draft CDM-MAP and clarifications provided by the Secretariat, and decided to defer the approval of the CDM-MAP as presented. It requested the Secretariat to revise the proposal and: incorporate a more detailed background and justification for the increased resources; indicate the resources allocated to each activity; and provide a detailed, clear and consistent status of human resources. The Board agreed to consider the revised CDM-MAP at its 54th meeting and, in the meantime, agreed to authorize the Secretariat to incur expenditures for 2010 and to start recruitment of new staff up to the level proposed in the draft CDM-MAP in accordance with the planned re-organization of the Secretariat.

The Board further considered matters relating to: the accreditation of operational entities; methodologies for baselines and monitoring plans; and relations with designated national authorities (DNAs), Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) and Applicant Entities (AEs), as well as relationship with stakeholders, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. [The Report]