Report of 21st Meeting of CDM Small-Scale Working Group Released

© UNFCCC26 June 2009: The report and annexes of the 21st meeting of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Small Scale Working Group (SSC WG) are now available on the CDM website. The meeting took place from 16-19 June 2009, in Bonn, Germany, and considered issues relating to the operation of small-scale CDM project activities.

At the meeting, the SSC WG considered eight requests for the creation of new methodologies for small-scale CDM projects, and agreed to recommend to the CDM Executive Board two and not recommend three of the proposed new methodologies. It also agreed to continue consideration of two of the methodologies and seek further clarifications on one of them. In addition, the Group considered submissions requesting revisions to, or clarifications of, approved SSC methodologies, and agreed to recommend to the CDM Executive Board revisions to nine approved methodologies and not to recommend the proposed revisions to two of the methodologies. Regarding the scheduling of meetings, the SSC WG agreed to schedule its 22nd meeting from 21-24 September 2009. [Report and Annexes]