Ramsar Co-organizes Workshop on Wetlands and Carbon Offsets

Ramsar6 November 2009: The Danone-IUCN-Ramsar partnership hosted a three-day expert workshop on “Achieving carbon offsets through mangroves and other wetlands,” from 9-11 November 2009, in Gland, Switzerland.

The event brought together experts on wetland restoration, socioeconomic valuation, carbon measurement and carbon markets to develop mechanisms for crediting delivery of carbon offsets in mangroves and other wetlands, through wetland restoration projects that are in line with the principles and practices of the Ramsar Convention. Participants reviewed the latest knowledge of the role of wetlands in the carbon cycle, good practices in wetland restoration, methods for carbon measurement in different types of wetlands, and current and developing approaches to carbon markets relevant to wetlands. They identified which types of wetlands can be readily restored and over what timeframes, and for which types of wetland current carbon measurement methodologies can be readily applied. They also identified available results and mechanisms available for elaborating carbon evaluation in mangroves. [Workshop Website]