PROFOR Launches Updated Book on Managing Southern African Woodlands

1 December 2011: The World Bank's Programme on Forests (PROFOR) has launched an updated version of its study on the miombo woodlands of southern Africa. The original study explored policies, incentives and options for the rural poor. The updated study revisits this situation in the context of a changing climate, growing food insecurity and increasing demand for woodfuel and charcoal.

The study, launched during the Durban Climate Change Conference, points to four areas for reform: embracing decentralization and devolution within policies and institutions; fostering markets for local products and services to encourage good management; switching the emphasis from regulation of use to delivery of services, to empower local people to become better woodland users and managers; and keeping in mind the cost of deforestation and degradation to rural populations. [Publication: Managing the Miombo Woodlands of Southern Africa: Policies, incentives and options for the rural poor]