Policy Dialogue Panel Finalizes Recommendations for CDM Reform

UNFCCC26 July 2012: The High-Level Panel on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Policy Dialogue has concluded its final meeting with agreement on recommendations for reforming the CDM. The recommendations cover issues such as the role and value of the carbon markets, sustainable development, regional distribution, governance structure, additionality, appeals and grievance mechanisms, and the development of new carbon market mechanisms.

The Panel, which held its final meeting from 24-26 July 2012, in Johannesburg, South Africa, was established to conduct a dialogue on the past and future of the CDM. The recommendations agreed by the Panel aim to reform the operation of the CDM and improve its performance in the future. The recommendations are based on the outcome of consultations with stakeholders and the results of research on the impact, governance and future context of the CDM.

The Panel will announce its recommendations in September 2012, after the 69th meeting of the CDM Executive Board, which is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 9-13 September 2012. [CDM Press Release] [CDM Policy Dialogue Website]