Pilot Program for Climate Resilience Meeting Discusses Monitoring and Reporting Systems

cif_logo3 May 2013: Over 70 participants attended the seventh meeting of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) for pilot countries and participating regions, which provided countries and regional organizations with opportunities to share challenges and experiences in implementing their programmes to enhance climate resilient development.

The meeting convened on 1-3 May in Washington, DC, and was hosted by the World Bank through the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).

During practical discussions on Wednesday, participants were able to converse on issues related to the PPCR revised results framework, including work plans, core indicators, and national monitoring and reporting systems.

On Thursday, participants examined different models of country and regional coordination mechanisms, including managing interagency coordination, engagement with stakeholders, measuring and reporting results, and mainstreaming climate resilience.

On Friday, core indicator guidance sheets and score cards for monitoring and reporting received attention, with CIF staff providing information on the content and context of the work plans, and soliciting feedback in order to improve the core indicator guidance sheet and score card. Participants also focused on activities pursued by businesses and enterprises, with support from Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), in middle-income countries outside of the PPCR, and engaging the private sector through a competitive set-aside under the PPCR. [IISD RS Coverage] [PPCR Meeting Website] [CIF Press Release]