Pakistan, WMO Strengthen Flood Forecasting Services

31 August 2011: The Pakistan Meteorological Department and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have worked together over the 2010-2011 period on Pakistan's Integrated Flood Management Plan, following the flood disaster of 2010, which affected over 20 million people and caused almost 2,000 deaths.

Based on these efforts and a WMO Expert Mission, Pakistan has installed a Flash Flood Guidance System. In August 2010, the system was used by the Pakistan Meteorological Department to warn regions of the country of the potential for severe flooding. The Flash Flood Guidance System was developed by the Hydrologic Research Center with collaboration from the WMO, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US Agency for International Development and the Pakistan Meteorological Department. The system was unveiled at a ceremony in Islamabad on 18 August 2011. Additional funds have been mobilized by the WMO to assist Pakistan with rehabilitating systems impacted by the floods and to create new systems, including the Hindu Kush Himalaya Hydrological Cycle Observing System. This project will establish a regional flood information system and will be implemented by the WMO and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. [WMO Press Release]