Pacific Smaller Island States Call for More Action on Climate Change

6 September 2011: Pacific Smaller Island States (SIS) have called for increased action by the global community to curb the rate of climate change, according to the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat (PIFS). At their meeting in Auckland, New Zealand on 6 September, SIS leaders adopted the SIS Leaders Statement on Climate Change.

According to PIFS, SIS leaders called for meaningful emissions reduction targets and immediate release of global Fast Start funding commitments. They expressed concern that promised support from the global community has not translated into fulfilled commitments.

The leaders also discussed implications associated with the survival of state as an impending consequence of climate change. SIS leaders called for careful consideration of what the loss of physical state might mean for countries' right to exist. [PIFS Press Release on SIS Leaders' Statement] [PIFS Press Release on Statement of PIF Secretary-General]