Pacific Islands Forum Economic Ministers’ Meeting Discusses Climate Financing

28 October 2010: The 14th Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Economic Ministers' Meeting (FEMM) was held in Alofi, Niue, on 27-28 October 2010, to discuss options for the Pacific region to improve access to, and management of, climate change financing.

The paper on climate finance, compiled by the Forum Secretariat, draws on the experience of the region in accessing and implementing climate change resources at all levels. It points to some preliminary options for further analysis at the national level, including direct budgetary support, national trust funds, and more effective coordination of donors at the national level. It also discusses regional and multilateral options. The paper concludes that “Regardless of the ultimate approach taken, a thorough review is required of the necessary country and regional technical assistance and coordination requirements for policy analysis and proposals, national planning and implementation capacity and capabilities in the distribution of funds in the Pacific region.”

The Forum Economic Ministers agreed on the need for strategic focus and urgent action to address the management of current and proposed funding for climate change in the region. In pursuing options for improved access to, and management of, climate change resources, Ministers recommended focusing on the national level, with consideration, where appropriate, of regional and international options. Ministers requested the Forum Secretariat, in consultation with other relevant stakeholders, including the Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), to coordinate the development of an options paper to explore a range of approaches that could be considered by FEMM in 2011 and submitted to next year's meeting of the Forum Leaders. The 15th FEMM will be hosted by Samoa in July 2011. [PIFS Press Release of 27 October][PIFS Press Release of 28 October]