Pachauri Calls on G8 Leaders to Stand Up and Deliver

Pachauri's presentation at ECOSOC, 30 June 2008 14 July 2008: In an editorial published in the Times of India, Rajendra

K. Pachauri, Intergovernmental

Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Chairman and TERI Director-General,

offers an analysis of the recently concluded G8 summit held in Hokkaido, Japan.

He highlights a number of flaws of the Chair's Summary, including: the

avoidance of the major thorny issues around the globe; the lack of a base year

from which to calculate the 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions G8

leaders committed to; and the absence of a reference to the Bali Action Plan

that calls for “deep cuts” in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Citing the IPCC

Fourth Assessment Report and warning that inaction would lead to severe climate

change impacts, he stresses the importance of short term actions and the need

for clear emission reduction targets for 2020. He notes that these impacts are

already being felt, especially by the poorest communities, a fact G8 leaders

have “proved unaware of or insensitive to.” However, Pachauri also underscores

that progress has been made at this year's G8 summit in comparison to what was

agreed at the 2007 Summit and that the leaders' intention to act has been more

clearly defined, although without any mention of time scale or specific

targets. He concludes by questioning the rate of progress on key issues between

successive summits and calls on the richest countries to take “bolder measures”

that reflect their responsibility. [The Times of India, 14 July 2008] [Pachauri's

presentation at ECOSOC, 30 June 2008] [Press

conference following ECOSOC presentation]