Olympics to Use Green Energy

Green Energy Will Fuel the Olympic Experience for Millions of Spectators in Beijing

5 August 2008: China has made an effort to improve the

sustainability of the Olympic Games and improve the air quality in Beijing,

according to a UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Publication published in late

2007, ‘Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: An environmental review.'

Among the efforts made to improve the sustainability of the

games, 20% of the energy required for the games comes from wind, solar power

features prominently in the Olympic Village, and China has expanded public

transportation in Beijing. Speaking on China's efforts to ‘green' the Olympics,

Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director, said “the legacy of this Olympic Games

will be in part that it has left in place an infrastructure for public

transport and cleaner vehicles that will benefit not only the Olympic Games but

also the population of Beijing and hopefully in due course other parts of

China.” After the Games, UNEP will publish a Post-Games Environmental Report. [UNEP

Press Release] [UNEP

Olympics website]