OECD Study Discusses Mobilizing LCR Investment

OECD23 November 2012: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a working paper on “Mobilising Investment in Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Infrastructure.” The paper discusses how governments can encourage private investment in low-carbon, climate resilient (LCR) infrastructure by improving projects' risk-return profile.

The study covers both developed and developing countries, paying special attention to barriers to LCR infrastructure in low-income nations due to basic banking services, lack of non-bank financial services, weak risk management capacity, and limited availability of long-term funding.

The paper includes a performance review of OECD countries' efforts to decouple greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from growth in residential, transportation, power and industrial sectors. It also explores future global infrastructure needs under different future emissions scenarios.

The study concludes with a discussion on how public-private partnerships (PPPs) and other governance arrangements can facilitate private investment in LCR infrastructure. [Publication: Mobilising Investment in Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Infrastructure]