OECD Publishes Working Paper on Capacity Development for Environmental Management in Agriculture

November 2010: This Working Paper, published as part of the OECD's Environment Working Paper Series, highlights the importance of environmental management and governance in the agricultural sector, in the context of challenges arising from a growing world population and climate change. It also stresses the need for the agricultural sector to contribute to environmental, institutional, social and economic resilience.

The paper presents environmental goals, requirements, entry points, strategies and approaches to capacity development for the environment in the agricultural sector, and discusses implications for donors. It recognizes that capacity development for the environment must be seen as part of an endogenous process of change and that it must operate at multiple levels.

The paper argues that capacity development for the environment should focus on sustainable food production and provision, while building and reinforcing ecosystem resilience and supporting equitable and economically viable livelihoods. It also discusses links to the country systems approach to development assistance, as advocated in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. [OECD Abstract] [The Working Paper]