OECD Ministers Adopt Declaration on Green Growth

© OECD25 June 2009: Member countries participating in the annual Ministerial Council of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which took place in Paris, France, from 24-25 June 2009, adopted a Declaration on Green Growth. The Declaration provides that the crisis should not delay “crucial decisions for the future of our planet,” noting in particular the challenge of climate change.

Regarding climate negotiations, ministers called for “an ambitious, effective, efficient, comprehensive and fair international post-2012 climate agreement at COP15 in Copenhagen in December 2009, by which all countries will take measurable, reportable and verifiable nationally appropriate mitigation commitments or actions as well as adaptation actions, reflecting the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.” The Declaration also refers to the Doha negotiations, with ministers recognizing “the importance of the liberalization of trade in environmental goods and services in fostering green growth.” Ministers further state their resolve to “make further efforts to use efficient and effective climate policy mixes…and expanding incentives for green investment, in particular in areas where pricing carbon is unlikely to be enough to foster such private sector responses.” [OECD Press Release][Ministerial Council Website][OECD Declaration on Green Growth]