ODI, Word Bank Release Disaster Financing Report

gfdrr-odiSeptember 2013: The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the Word Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery released a report titled 'Financing Disaster Risk Reduction: A 20 Year Story of International Aid.' The report draws on data from the past 20 years to examine disaster risk reduction (DRR) financing trends, considering equity and adequacy.

The 50-page report also examines factors driving DRR investment. In its analysis, the report notes that the priorities of international financing are generally not matched to either the needs, or to the capacity, of recipient countries. The report notes progress in DRR investments, including: relatively stable financing in the past few years; less financing of heavy infrastructure; a move away from provision of finance to middle-income countries; and increasing DRR financing from climate adaptation.

Among its recommendations, the report suggests that the international community must take stock of: the way in which it provides support to international governments; the role of international financing; funding architecture; and how fund from other sources can be directed towards DRR. The report calls for financing to be improved through integration, coordination, and more effective targeting. [Publication: Financing Disaster Risk Reduction: A 20 Year Story of International Aid] [Prevention Web Website]