Non-Aligned Movement Ministers Call for Urgent Action to Address Climate Change

15th Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement 31 July 2008: The fifteenth Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned

Movement (NAM), held from 27-30 July 2008 in Tehran, Iran, concluded with the

adoption of a document in which

Ministers recognize that climate change poses serious risks and challenges,

particularly to developing countries, and call for urgent global action in

accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

Ministers reaffirm that efforts to address climate change should promote

the integration, coordination and balance of the economic, social and

environmental components of sustainable development, as interdependent and

mutually reinforcing pillars. Ministers also urge the international community

to assist developing countries to address the consequences of climate change,

particularly through new, additional and predictable financial resources,

capacity building, and access to, and transfer of, technology. The Ministerial

Conference was held to: review progress and implementation of the Plan of

Action adopted at the fourteenth NAM Conference of Heads of States or

Governments held from 15-16 September 2006, in Havana, Cuba; prepare for the upcoming

NAM Summit; and address urgent matters. [Final Document]