Ministerial Segment at UNESCAP Commission: Inclusive, Long-Term Policies Needed for Triple Crises

© UNESCAP27 April 2009: According to the ministerial segment of the 65th UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), in order for the Asia and Pacific region to recover from the current economic crisis, food-fuel volatility, climate change, and region-wide development policies that are inclusive, create social protection and have long-term sustainability must be embraced, The Commission is convening from 23-29 April 2009, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Noeleen Heyzer, UNESCAP Executive Secretary, proposed three regional policy actions: increasing economic growth through increased regional trade and integration, South-South trade and investment; strengthening the foundation for social protection in the region, including increased access to health care and pensions, to buffer people against uncertainties; and addressing regional sustainability by taking steps to mitigate climate change and embrace new economic opportunities presented by green technology. [UNESCAP press release]