Ministerial Meeting Discusses Enhanced Cuba-CARICOM Cooperation

17 September 2010: The third meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Cuba and of the member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) convened in Havana, Cuba, on 17 September 2010, to evaluate the progress of their relations and explore new areas to strengthen their cooperation on issues of mutual importance at all levels.

According to the final declaration adopted at the conclusion of the meeting, ministers underscore that climate change constitutes a major threat to mankind and the most important environmental challenge to the development of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and the low-lying coastal developing States. In this regard, they urge the international community to make the greatest effort to reach, through a transparent and inclusive process under the UNFCCC, an international binding agreement, taking into account the situation and special needs of low-lying coastal and SIDS.

Ministers further reaffirm the principle of common but differentiated responsibility and reiterate their call for developed countries, based on their ecological debt, to contribute the new and additional financial resources required to implement adaptation and mitigation measures. They also emphasize the urgency of promoting global actions to encourage rational and sustainable use of natural resources, and for the preservation and protection of the environment. [The Final Declaration]