Mexican Programme of Activity Issues First Certified Emission Reductions

UNFCCC27 December 2012: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board has issued the first Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) generated by a CDM programme of activities (PoA).

The “CUIDEMOS Mexico (Campana De Uso Intelegente De Energia Mexico) - Smart Use of Energy Mexico” PoA was registered in Mexico in July 2009 and was the first PoA to be registered by the CDM Executive Board. The project activity under the PoA involves the distribution of energy efficient light bulbs free of charge to households in the State of Puebla in Mexico, replacing the use of incandescent bulbs. The PoA is now the first to be issued with CERs, and was issued 19,000 CERs.

There are now a total of 57 registered PoAs and over 300 others in the pipeline. [CDM Press Release] [CUIDEMOS Mexico PoA Webpage]